Revitalizing the Philippine Navy

by | Oct 1, 2002 | Policy, Research and Other Articles

The Philippine Navy had been around for more than a century. It had played significant roles through our nation’s history, from the gallant amphibious operation by the insurgent navy during the Philippine Revolution (Zulueta 1998, p.20) to the support missions during the KoreanWar and up to the successful anti-piracy and anti-smuggling operations in the 1950’s which led to the destruction of the illegal operations network of the notorious pirate, Kamlon (Giagonia 1947,p.247-272). But since then, the Navy had deteriorated to such depths that it had become socially irrelevant to the country’s development. Hence, the need for policy reforms that would attempt to transform this portrait of sickly Navy who is forever tied to the docks of antiquity and irrelevance to one that is ever sailing through the seas of modernity and an active partner to our country’s progress. In going about the discussion, some relevant information about the organization would be laid down to provide the necessary backdrop for the main topic of the paper.